TRACY – The RAC installers portable leak detector – using low cost, environmentally friendly tracer gas.

"Leak detection using 95% nitrogen / 5% hydrogen (95/5) tracer gas is the preferred way for testing RAC new installations and retrofits prior to filling with a refrigerant. Leaks from minor defects in RAC systems such as cracks, welding porosity, valve leakage can be pinpointed quickly and easily using Tracy. This minimizes unnecessary loss of high priced refrigerants into the environment and reduces operating costs."

Hydrogen Leak Detection on refrigeration systems

Leak test using low cost,
environmentally friendly 95/5 tracer gas

Will find all leaks even under insulation

Can reduce testing time by up to 90%

Reduces warranty work
and maintenance costs

Helps reduce carbon footprint

No liquids no mess leak detection

Can be used simultaneously
with pressure test

Detects leaks of < 0.1 oz/yr
refrigerant equivalent

Rugged, affordable leak detector

Field tested and proven test method

The manufacturers leak test
method of choice

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The ideal tool for contractors and installers

TRACY Hydrogen Leak Detector brings the INFICON accuracy, sensitivity and simplicity into the refrigeration industry.
With the help of TRACY Hydrogen Leak Detector you can be sure to find ALL leaks and reduce repeated maintenance, warranty costs as well as energy costs related to low performance of leaking systems.


Tracy Tracy

TRACY is small, robust and easy
to move around.


Tracy Tracy

Just power up the instrument and move the hand probe along the test object.
Audio and LED’s lighting up indicates that a leak has been detected.


Tracy Tracy H2 logotype